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About the Safe Homes Network

The Longmeadow Safe Homes Network is a group of Longmeadow families committed to providing safe, healthy homes for our children. We provide a way for parents and other adults to agree on expectations for our children and their environments, to promise to maintain those expectations and to communicate that fact to other families in the community. How? Three steps:

1 – join as a group to set standards of behavior
2 – pledge to uphold the standards in our homes
3 – make our pledge public in a directory so our neighbors know our homes as part of the Safe Homes Network


To join the network, please visit our pledge form, HERE.  An electronic copy of the directory will be emailed to all the member families.

Check out some facts and tips from the Safe Homes Parent Guide that may support you on this journey, HERE.

All Longmeadow parents and guardians are invited to become involved with our organization. For more information, or to become involved, please contact Shelly Warren, Substance Addiction Response Coordinator at the high school.

The Pledge

The pledge is not a contract, but a promise to actively maintain the agreed upon standards by supervising all gatherings of children on our properties, to communicate the expectations and consequences for children’s behavior, and to never allow the possession of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs by anyone under 21 years of age in our homes. We’re not asking adults to abstain; we’re asking you to prevent the use of alcohol and other substances by under aged visitors to your home. If you are over 21, we encourage you to be a good role model and practice low risk use regarding alcohol. Children of all ages are influenced more by the actions of the adults in their lives than by their instructions.

Longmeadow Safe Homes Pledge:

I will actively supervise all gatherings of youth in our home or on our property.
I will not allow the possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs by youth in our home or on our property.
I will provide a secure storage place for all forms of alcohol, marijuana, and other potentially hazardous items.
I will welcome phone calls from concerned parents or guardians about a gathering in our home or on our property. I know the pledge is not a binding contract, but rather a parental pledge to my family and my community.

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